An Exchange Between an Ex-Tenant and a Lazy Property Manager

My Name Here
to Property Manager
12/23/16 (11 days ago)
[Name Redacted],

It’s come to my attention (driving with muscle memory to my old address instead of my new one) that someone has moved into [address redacted]. I’m glad you found renters so fast.
However, I’m pretty upset that you still have yet to inform us about how much it cost to clean those windows and fix the chip in the wall.
But if you didn’t actually get an invoice back yet, I’d like to know what work was actually done. I was under the impression that we were meant to be told and to sign off on being okay with the amount being taken out of our bond… and if you had someone move into the property already it seems that you could’ve found time for us to come in and take care of that so that we can get our bond back as soon as possible. Because if someone’s moved in the work must be done already, right?
Martin and I were both under the impression it takes a lot less time to get bonds back than 4 weeks, but we accepted it and now I wish I’d made some calls, because you’ve been either dishonest with us, or you’ve delayed us by even MORE time because you cared more about your holidays than doing your job. I appreciate that you’re busy, but notifying us that work has been done is a task that can be reduced to a couple minutes of chasing up the people who did the work for an invoice, and then shooting it to us in an e-mail or giving us a call to come in and say “Yep, cool.” We’ve stressed the importance of this bond to you, and your response was clearly riddled with the “this isn’t my fault” attitude, and I’m less than appreciative.
My husband won’t be thrilled I sent this e-mail because he hates to make a fuss, but I won’t get shoved aside to the “this can be done later” pile. Because this is something I need. We were good tenants. We paid our rent on time, we kept the place as tidy as we could barring the lawn because the retic never properly got sorted and we’re really just not good at lawns. But I scrubbed all the grease off of the oven fans I did all the things that were NOT done before we moved into the place. And I didn’t complain.

Now I want my bond back. I want the process for this started as soon as your office has open hours again and if you are not going to be there because you have vacation or something of the sort? I want someone else to talk to about this. I will not be forced to wait until after February to get this bond back.

Because we’ve been delayed, Martin and I don’t get to have a Christmas. Neither of us are able to spend money on presents for one another. We have no decorations. Nothing. And there’s not much to be done about that. If we have to wait 4 weeks, so be it, but we don’t. If you’re correct and we need to wait 4 weeks from when you sent in the invoice? And we haven’t seen an invoice? Then when exactly are we getting this bond back?

This is extremely unacceptable, and I would like to know what you plan to do to rectify this situation. If you and I cannot sort this out, let me know who I can sort this out with, because I’ve got to tell you. I’m extremely irritated that someone already lives there, yet you haven’t managed to get an invoice out of whoever allegedly did this work. You know we’ve been waiting, and while I could accept the fact that you can’t always get guys out to do the work as soon as it needs doing and I could accept that maybe it takes 4 weeks to get a bond back once it’s filed for? But if someone lives there, I want to know exactly why you haven’t gotten in touch with us and why you got someone to do work but didn’t receive an invoice immediately and get it to us, knowing we were waiting.

I hope you have good answers for these questions, because we are extremely unhappy about this situation.

-[My Name]
Note: If you do in fact have that invoice, I’d like to see it. ASAP. I understand you have holiday hours at [company name redacted] and that’s understandable. I’ll wait until you’re open again, but I will be keeping an eye on what hours your office has in the next weeks, and I will have my eye out for your response.
Company Name
to: Martin and Me
8:19 AM (3 hours ago)
Hi Martin & Katie, please find attached your bond form and invoices. Please sign and return to me for lodgement. Thankyou.
Kind Regards[Name Redacted}
Property Manager
[email address redacted]


(Note: Today was the first day they were open after the holidays. I have both invoices. They’re only taking about $300 out which is what I guessed at.)

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